Cohiba Robustos


Cohiba Robustos


Cohiba Robustos

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Ring Gauge 50
Length 124 mm / 4.8 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Robusto
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100% of 100

The Cohiba brand’s reputation has only grown more illustrious over the years, and since 1989, the popular Cohiba Robustos cigars have been a prominent reason why. Each cigar is a 4.8” x 50 Robusto-size that captures the deeply complex texture and richness of Cuba’s most exquisite Vuelta Abajo-grown tobaccos.

Cohiba Robustos cigars provide harmony between complexity, boldness, and taste, with a velvety medium-plus character. Creamy, chocolaty notes offer a subtle refinement to the sophisticated smoke, while lively leather, nut, spice, and wood flavors captivate the palate. Toasty undertones add to a rich yet beautifully smooth finish.

The Cohiba Robustos cigars offer cigar lovers a tremendous example of what makes Cohiba cigars the most sought-after in the world. With their approachable character and rich complexity, Cohiba Robustos cigars are ideally suited for all tastes. So, treat yourself to the standard by which all Robusto-size cigars are judged and stock up with Cohiba Robustos cigars in boxes of 25 today.

The Cohiba Robustos features and intense taste. It has a bitter and dry touch that sometimes resembles dark coffee flavours. The woody as well as sweet hues are also combined with the tough tastes. The beginning is a very strong with hot shots. It also cracks some peppery tones. It maintains its strength until the middle part but slowly mixes with the peppery, woody and coffee touches. The first-half ends with a salty taste with a syrupy cocoa tone emerging. The end part of the cigar is very friendly and becomes sweet and soft with the hints of some toasted nuts and leaves a creamy taste in the mouth. The variation and alteration among the cigar flavors keep its users attracted to it. The Cohiba Robusto cigar burns so well and offers an effortless and amazing draw. The smoke is cloudy and thick and scented with a strong and pleasant smell. The aroma is highly energized with the strength of basic flavours. It has been on the top of Cohiba Cuban cigars for many years, being rated as 100% in terms of taste, aroma, strength and combustion.