Partagas Serie D No. 4


Partagas Serie D No. 4


Partagas Serie D No. 4

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Ring Gauge 50
Length 124 mm / 4.9 inches
Strength Full
Size Robusto
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Special Price 42.00 USD Regular Price 57.00 USD

As one of Cuba’s older cigar brands, Partagas has earned a place in cigar lore with a broad array of crowd-pleasing classics. These include the delectable offerings from the Partagas Alphabet series. A top choice for Robusto fans is the Partagas Serie D No. 4. This expertly hand-rolled 4.9” x 50 cigar provides the optimal showcase for some of the Vuelta Abajo region’s tastiest tobaccos.

Partagas Serie D No. 4 cigars are noted for their rich yet impeccably refined character. The medium-to-full-bodied experience features savory leather and wood flavors, which form the backbone of the smoke. A dash of pepper and spice adds a livelier undertone during the second half, with sweet and creamy nuances maintaining balance until the boldly enticing end.

For those wanting the legendary Partagas experience in a classic Robusto size, the Partagas Serie D No. 4 is an exceptional choice, with tasty treasures to be found in every draw. Three packs of these famous favorites make it easy to enjoy while on the move.

With the wide range of choices to choose from in the world of cigars, it gets really hard to decide which one you want to smoke and which one might not become your liking. And when there is a brand that has produced only amazing cigars throughout its existence, then it gets hard for you to decide which cigar do you like the most in that certain brand. The Partagas Cuban cigars is one of those cigar manufacturing companies that has produced outstanding cigars throughout and now it launched the Partagas Serie D No. 4 With vegetal remembrances that are well blended with dry and bitter overtones, the Partagas Serie D No.4 (Box 10) create cocktail of flavors inside the stick of the cigar which is delicious to taste and the cigar itself is a beautifully constructed stogie. The oversweet tone remains constant throughout the cigar. The Partagas Serie D No.4 (Box 10) continues the tradition set by its brand and other cigars by the same brand of staying at the top of the chart with getting excellent reviews. With great combustion and construction, the Partagas Serie D No.4 (Box 10) is an assortment of all the good qualities combined together.